Martinis and Marshmallows

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

I am 25, finishing college and working full time. I live in Arizona, but in the mountains where it actually snows, not down in the armpit of the state (namely, Phoenix).

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Un trabajo nuevo!

I'm so excited because Thursday I will interview for a promotion! It will mean I will have to stay in Flagstaff for at least another year and a half, but it will also mean more money, and a step in the right direction career-wise. I had been hoping to move to San Francisco when I finish school in the spring, but I can put that off for a little while. Plus, it will be better to move there when I will be up for a better position with Marriott, so I can afford to live there! One of my best friends, Amy, is moving there in May with her fiancee, so when I can eventually head out there, I will already have friends to make the transition easier (and to introduce me to some cute, straight guys). As far as the boy sitch back here in Flag, it's pathetic to say the least. Being a college town, most everyone leaves after they graduate. This leaves either losers or hometown boys who didn't go to college. Not that there's anything wrong with taking an alternate path then college, but I'm not sure I want to marry someone who is going to work at the tissue factory for the rest of their lives. I'm not superficial, I just want to be with someone who is at the same intellectual level as I am. I guess that does make me somewhat superficial, doesn't it?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

First Time

So I am a virgin blogger, and not that I think anyone will ever read this, but it at least gives me the illusion that someone out there might see and understand my thoughts. As pathetic as it sounds, the whole reason I wanted to do this in the first place is because of a guy. I know, I know, but he poured me the best martini I have ever had, and swept me off my somewhat unstable feet, and I have never seen him since. I met him in a bar in San Francisco on my annual "girls vacation" in August. No, he wasn't some shmo sitting next to me, he was behind the bar, and I actually didn't think much of him at first, except that he poured a stiff drink and kept giving them to me for virtually free. When he offered to get me and my girlfriends onto the VIP list of a club the next day, I didn't realize it was an excuse to get my number. And then when we weren't on the list, I should have ended it right there. But I met up with him later to give him a hard time about it, and ended up talking till the sun came up. I never knew there was someone out there who was so similar to me. Someone who thought the way I did, had made similar decisions as I had, viewed life the same way. So when he invited me back to his bar for a drink the next night how could I say no? And it was magical. I never believed that you could experience something that intense with someone you barely knew until that night. And when he dropped me off the next day, I fought back tears, because even though he said he wanted to see me again, I knew that once I got back to Arizona real life would set in, and it would be just what it was: one of the most magical weekends of my life.